Ties Trend 2017

March 18, 2017 | | Post a Comment

To follow tie trends religiously one has to be bold and ready for experimentation. We can see guys wearing ties which are extra slim at the same time there are others who never wore slim ties.

It is true for all those who do not like to deviate classic trends, they should follow the philosophy of remaining in the middle of the trends.

It is for sure in 2017 we are going to see trend towards wider ties. As indicated in October 2016 release of J. Crew Catalogue through a sentence “We widened our ties by ¼” to keep up with today’s changing proportions.” The J. Crew customers though are comparatively younger who were wearing very slim ties. It is time for them to go for somewhat wider ones.

While there are other brands such Charles Tyrwhitt and Thomas Pink who remain moderate, their standard ties were 3.15 inches wide and remained popular and will be so.

Andrew Tarshis, owner of Tiecrafters is also of the opinion that 3 to 3.25 inches width ties are safe width ties. Big brands such as Brooks brothers are crafting ties of 3.25 inches width.

Historically too it has been observed that 2.75 to 3.15 inches width ties very considered pretty standard ones.

Skinny ties are like slim fit jeans, if you have slim physique they suit you.
Regarding ties there is no special need to go wildly for the ongoing trend wear 3 inch width tie and you are safe and trendy.

In addition to this it is always advisable to have variety in your collection. Though trends do change but skinny ties will their place too.

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